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Etna was said to be the location of the forge Vulcan and the home of the Cyclopse (Volcano World, sec. 1 para.1). Also, Etna was said to be the location where Enceladus laid (Volcano World, sec. 1 para.1). Enceladus, the son of Tartarus and Ge, was a Titan and was one of the hundred armed Giants (Gigantes) (Lindemans F. Micha, sec. 1 para. 1) who declared war over the Gods (Greek Myth Index 2007). Some stories say that Enceladus was buried under Mount Etna after Zeus killed him with a bolt of lightning. Other stories say that he was killed by the Chariot of Athena and due to his loss in battle; Athena threw him on the island of Sicily (Greek Myth Index 2007).
Eruptions and earthquakes were said to be caused by Enceladus' breath (eruptions) and his motion of turning over from his back to his front (earthquakes)(Volcano World, sec. 1 para.1).

Cyclops in Battle